26 April 2018


  • Main entrance of the Museum

    The memories of Quinta das Cruzes cross with the life and history of the city of Funchal. Documented as the last residence of João Gonçalves Zarco, the discoverer of the Island of Madeira, this Madeiran Estate, represents over 500 years of the history of the Island.

  • Façade of the Museum
    Officially opened to the public on May 28th 1953 under the name House Museum “César Gomes”¸ the formation of the Quinta das Cruzes Museum was based on the donation by the goldsmith César Filipe Gomes, followed by the legacy of the collector João Wetzler and various acquisitions which, as a whole, form a journey through the evolution of the Decorative Arts.
  • View of the gardens
    The 19th century brought with it the fascination of Romanticism, shown by the new design of the gardened spaces, the construction of the flower beds, the cobbled stone paths, the stone fountains, as well as the localisation of the casinhas de prazer (summer houses), melancholic spaces, well in keeping with the spirit of the age.