In terms of exhibition policy the Quinta das Cruzes Museum acts in three main areas: permanent exhibition; temporary exhibitions; and the granting of pieces to other temporary exhibitions.
The permanent exhibition of the Museum is made up of 16 exhibition rooms situated in the Main Building (1st floor and ground floor), the Sculpture Park (situated in the garden area) and the Chapel. Inside the Main Building the exhibition route is organised into house environments according to criteria of a thematic, chronological and geographic nature.
Part of a historic building adapted to museum functions, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum does not currently have an area set aside for temporary exhibitions, thereby restricting the staging of the latter.
In order to plug this gap, the Museum has always sought not to abandon its temporary exhibition policy and integrate the aforementioned exhibitions into the context of the permanent exhibition collections.
However, the collections are not only displayed to visitors within the walls of the Museum. By granting pieces out to various national and international temporary exhibitions, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum is also projected abroad, enabling the objects to gain another interpretation in the new context where they are on temporary display.