• Museum Bulletin

Museum Bulletin

The launch of the Quinta das Cruzes Museum Bulletin was a major objective which was achieved and which it is intended to continue, helping to publicise the Museum.
Associated with the celebrations of the International Museum Day (May 18th), the Bulletin of the Museum provides the public with further information on the history, collection and activities relating to the various different functional areas of the Museum, but it also intends to create an open space for those who wish to contribute to the dissemination of our artistic heritage.

  • Focussed in the theme of the Orchestrophone, the Children’s Bulletin no. 2, introduces the children to the knowledge of music, through the history of this so peculiar mechanical instrument.

  • Related with the theme of the International Museum Day (May 18th) – Museums and Universal Heritage, it was sought in this edition of the Bulletin to stimulate in children their appreciation and knowledge of the history of the Quinta das Cruzes Museum through games and entertainment activities. This Children’s Bulletin came out in two versions: primary and junior, so as to adjust its content to the various age groups.

  • Focussed on the subject Museums as agents of social change and development, chosen by the ICOM for the commemorations of the International Museum Day (18th of May) for 2008, the no. 5 of our Bulletin approaches the characterization of the public that visited the Museum last year and the activities developed (educative activities, expositions, activities exhibitions). It also features news about the web site of the Museum and an article about the German painter Hans Willy Paap.

  • Museums and Universal Heritage was the theme chosen for the official commemorations of International Museum Day for 2007. In this regard, the Quinta das Cruzes Museum became associated with this commemoration with the dissemination of a further number of the Bulletin, disclosing aspects about its progress over the last year and promoting a series of initiatives geared towards the young and adult public.

  • In this number of the Newsletter it was sought to stress the role of the Collectors of works of art. Coinciding with the temporary exhibition “A Perspective of Oporto: a collection of decorative arts", also worthy of mention were César Filipe Gomes and João Wetzler whose collections form the basis of the estate of Quinta das Cruzes Museum.

  • This edition focuses on the Museum Ceramics collection, opening up a space to the participation of collaborators from outside the Institution, as well as highlighting some activities which were undertaken over the year.

  • Dedicated to the Sculpture Collection, this highlights one of the most important aspects of this cluster - the interconnection between these pieces and the history of the Island of Madeira.